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5 Things ‘Dr. Miami’ Says He Wishes Patients Knew About Plastic Surgery


Texting and pushing is a no, no—but cosmetic medicine and Snapchat? The latter is a contingency for Dr. Miami. The celeb cosmetic surgeon Michael Salzhauer, M.D., has a nickname, and TV show that connote to his South Florida residence, though that’s not a full story. Board-certified Salzhauer is famous for pity his operations and vast celebrity on social media.

The doc’s patients, a.k.a. “beauty warriors,” ask all kinds of procedures: stomach tucks, breast augmentations, nose jobs, and more. These OR happenings (and others) are documented and distributed to a masses in an instant. After gaining recognition for his choice selling ploys, Salzhauer, also famous as the “the plunder whisperer,” landed a WETV show. Now, a amicable media adverse, and those who aren’t removing adequate of his antics around phone apps, can watch him on a tiny screen, too. When we frankly talked to a surgeon about patients and being a perfectionist, it was no warn Dr. Miami had #nofilter.

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