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10 Female Leaders Offer Advice On How To Pivot To New Opportunity Amidst Uncertainty

  • Self-belief is key: After graduating from residency at Howard University Hospital, I found myself in a predicament. I had a J-1 student exchange visa and no job. I tried everything in my power to get a job. We searched high and low and found nothing. No one was willing to hire a pediatrician with my visa type. So, I ended up opening a practice in a rural area of South Carolina with hardly any money for capital and no experience whatsoever. I was young, I was scared, I had a nine-month-old son in tow, and only my self-belief as my main tool. I went from one patient to  6,000 patients, from one location to two locations, from two employees to 13 employees! I simply believed in myself and did it despite being afraid. I showed up 100% each time, and it paid off!


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