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25 of Our Most Popular IT Stories From 2021


We did a quick scan of our most-read stories from 2021 to see what was top of IT leaders’ minds. Innovation abounds in the face of the pandemic. 

We’ve been covering cloud and all the flexibility it can offer; but cloud computing can be costly and there are some gotchas to be worried about. Supply chain issues are getting tamped down through technology. Security is top of mind: Remote working has created some ruthless monsters, who are holding companies for ransom. Data — always the elusive gold — is finally being applied to solve real problems. Other needed efficiencies are getting a boost with low-code development and AI/automation technologies. Then last but not least: Sustainability and climate change are top of mind. Here’s a quick look at some of our top articles for 2021:


  • AWS CTO Vogels on Cloud Eliminating Constraints on Innovation
  • CRM Trends 2021: How the Pandemic Altered Customer Behavior Forever
  • ServiceNow’s CIO Sees Strategic Fit for Low-Code Development
  • Gartner: Top Predictions for IT Organizations and Users for 2022 and Beyond
  • Pratt Whitney’s Low-Code Strategy to Save Development Time
  • ATT Communications CTO Legg on Transforming a Telecom Giant
  • How a Wildlife AI Platform Solved its Data Challenge
  • AI, Automation Predictions for 2022: More Big Changes Ahead


  • A CIO’s Introduction to the Metaverse
  • The CIO’s Role in Maintaining a Strong Supply Chain
  • Cloud Security Basics CIOs and CTOs Should Know
  • How to Avoid the Leading Cloud Migration Mistakes
  • IT Pro Salary Survey: What You Earned in 2020
  • The Cost of a Ransomware Attack, Part 1: The Ransom
  • The Cost of a Ransomware Attack, Part 2: Response Recovery


  • 5 Lessons from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Outage
  • 10 Cloud Strategies to Avoid Cost Overruns
  • 10 Top Skills for Cloud Computing
  • 8 Tips for Creating a Cybersecurity Culture
  • 10 Ways AI and ML Are Evolving
  • 8 Real Ways CIOs Can Drive Sustainability, Fight Climate Change


  • Cloud Computing Like a Day in a Chocolate Factory for IT Managers
  • Digital Transformation is Not Magic
  • How Cloud Can Drive Sustainable, Data-Driven Success
  • Should Sustainability Be an IT Priority?

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