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5 digital transformation strategies embracing the new normal


Carving a path to a new normal

In the coming weeks and months, we face a degree of ongoing uncertainty. But while there are sure to be obstacles on the road to our new normal, there will also be opportunities. 

Those who were undergoing or planning for transformation in the near future may be considering whether to accelerate, cancel or alter those plans in response to new areas of need. Remember, pivots are a necessary part of any transformation and the key is to keep moving forward. 

If your organization was already moving toward integrating new technologies, leverage that momentum. Reexamine your business challenges and adjust plans as needed to begin putting your business in a position to capitalize on eventual economic recovery.

If you weren’t already planning for transformation, start now. It may seem like a long road ahead, but every step toward digitization is a chance for your business to come out stronger and more relevant in the future. 

By addressing each challenge holistically and iterating to make good ideas great, your organization can begin to not only adapt to our new normal, but also help to define it in ways that improve how we live and work for years to come. 

About the author
Matt Jackson serves as vice president and national general manager of digital innovation at Insight. Jackson is a relentless problem-solver who is passionate about delivering solutions that help clients build better businesses. He sees challenges as opportunities to push the boundaries and pave the way for technological innovation. Jackson builds on extensive experience managing consulting organizations to steer Insight’s digital innovation practice toward operational excellence.


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