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Accenture cloud computing paves way for integration plan


Taking the core to the cloud

Indeed, Accenture has moved nearly all its core operations into the cloud, across a variety of vendors. A few years ago, about 10% of the company’s apps were cloud-supported. But now most are “backboned on the cloud as cloud-native or have been rearchitected to be cloud-native,” Prett noted.

Penelope PrettPenelope Prett

A proliferation of technologies, cloud-based and otherwise, can potentially overwhelm users. Prett said her objective is to avoid a fracturing of the user experience. “I am very interested in knitting those experiences together with a common interface and feeling of unity.”

The plan is to do this across a broad set of technologies. “Accenture’s goal is to create familiar user experiences for our workers, while also embracing change and innovation,” Prett said. She noted Jason Warnke, global digital experiences lead at Accenture, will help her with the effort to optimize the user experience across every platform.


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