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Digital experience must include employees as well as customers


Identifying personas allows personalization

Why does focusing on employee experience work? To illustrate the difference in outcomes between treating employee personas as homogenous elements as opposed to nanopersonalization, consider sales staff. A sales staff might consist of one group of individuals who do cold calling to find prospects. Other sales staff might take those qualified leads and do the work of meeting with potential customers, giving demos and closing deals. Differentiation is important when you consider the technical needs of those two groups, which are, in fact, quite different.

The needs of a pharmaceutical sales representative are even more specific when considered against the backdrop of a general sales persona. These individuals are tasked with going into the field and meeting with some of the busiest, time-constrained people in the world — doctors. Pharmaceutical salespeople might have no more than five minutes to pitch a medication or a complex piece of surgical equipment.

Now consider what happens when a large business lumps all its salespeople into one persona. That business might decide that all people identified as “sales” require a laptop as their primary device. Easy, right?

The two minutes of boot time to start up the laptop might go unnoticed An organization could also enable the sales representative to immediately take an order and close the sale, eliminating the need for a multistage process where every step adds increased risk for the sale to collapse.

By revealing where a digital facade masks unintended or unrecognized challenges, you can develop a blueprint that shows how an organization can move its digital infrastructure forward, conduct ongoing evaluation and measure progress. A digital core that evolves to serve employees first will About the author
Kalyan Kumar B (known as KK) is the corporate vice president and chief technology officer of IT services of HCL Technologies and the company’s business line leader for global cloud native services and DRYiCE products and platforms. He also leads the service line for global infrastructure services. As a part of his CTO portfolio, Kumar is actively involved in product and technology strategy, partner ecosystems, startup exploration and incubation and supports the inorganic initiatives of the company.


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