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How to Configure an Edge Data Center to Meet Your Specific Needs


Seeking to deliver services efficiently, and with minimal latency, a growing number of enterprises are planning to build and deploy edge data centers. “In a centralized cloud computing architecture, the edge of the network is traditionally where data is collected from multiple remote locations, such as sensors, controllers, and servers,” observed Ron Howell, principal architect at business and IT consulting firm Capgemini Americas. “Edge computing solutions allow us to capture and analyze real-time data at high volume and high data rates while, at the same time, reducing our dependency on WAN underlay transport solutions or cloud environments.”

Finding an optimal location should be the first step in edge data center planning. “This will require you to consider proximity to the target market, power supply, square footage, availability of required network infrastructure, and whether the space requires a physical firewall,” said Eric McGee, senior network engineer at TRGDatacenters.

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