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performance and accountability reporting (PAR)


Performance and accountability reporting in government agencies

PAR documentation is especially favored The reports all provide a record of performance and accountability, but there is no industry standard around length and level of detail; as a result, the depth and breadth of the content varies significantly from one organization to another. For example, the MMC’s fiscal year 2021 report is 15 pages and focuses primarily on the commission’s strategic objectives. It includes little financial information because the commission has none of its own financial management systems. Instead, the U.S. Department of Agriculture  External Services Branch maintains the MMC’s financial management systems.

In contrast, the USAGM report for the same fiscal year is 230 pages. Of that, 47 pages are dedicated to financial information, including a message from the agency’s chief financial officer and an independent auditor’s report. The USAGM document also contains 140 pages of details about the organization’s objectives and how well the agency performed in meeting those objectives. As part of this, the report compares current achievements with those over the past several years.

Because PAR documents are often publicly available and must undergo scrutiny For example, the USCCR’s report for fiscal year 2021 includes a short discussion on how the organization identifies, verifies and validates the sources of data used to measure performance. Meanwhile, the GAO’s report for the same year contains an entire appendix dedicated solely to describing how performance data is verified and validated.

types of business goals
Performance and accountability reporting can help identify the effectiveness of an organization’s goals.

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