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Today, remote working is a buzzword that is reigning the corporate sector. Long before the pandemic rocked the world and remote working became the new normal, TeamViewer, an all-in-one solution for remote access and support over the Internet, was born in 2005.

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Globally, TeamViewer has managed to create initiatives for the governments of different countries. Now, the leadership of TeamViewer India resides with Rupesh Lunkad, Managing Director, TeamViewer, India. Talking about carrying the company’s legacy forward, the MD said, “I am focusing on creating our core value here.”

TeamViewer is focusing on three main areas– creating people to people connection, connecting people with things and connecting people with the data. The enterprise connectivity solutions of TeamViewer helps customers manage remote connectivity between all sorts of devices, which are not just restricted to IT equipment such as computers, servers and mobile phones. It is also extended to industrial equipment like production machines, robots, vehicles, etc.

Commenting on this, he said, “There are people on the field, there are people in plants, there are people on service, you know, doing service calls for the customers, there are sales guys. All these people are outside of the systems or data. So, how can TeamViewer help to connect the data that is residing in the enterprise with the people? That is interesting and that is what we are driving in India.”

“We are connecting the frontline employees or the people who are actually into operations with data. So, that is what Operations Technology is – where you can use technology to simplify operations,” he added.

In India the company has its primary focus on auto, manufacturing and government.TeamViewer is aligning with the Indian audience from a government standpoint to help boost the atmanirbharta. “TeamViewer partners with companies to make products smart and intelligent.”

The company is also bullish about the future of metaverse, “We call it Metaverse Led.”

“I think we are touching the tip of the iceberg right now when we talk about the metaverse. We’ve seen amazing use cases, in auto, in government, in manufacturing companies, or for that matter to engage with your customers. So, in the real world sky’s the limit when it comes to driving or leveraging metaverse to simplify the day to day work,” he added, giving insight into the bright future of metaverse.

Whether it’s metaverse, OT or the simple daily operations, leadership skills are paramount for any organization to thrive, especially at the back of innovations.

“Being a good listener is the key to being a good leader. Learn new things from teammates and share your experiences which can be used by the team to prosper and when teams perform magic happens! So, I believe the role of a leader is to be a coach of sorts where you already have employed champions. Now you just need to listen to them and help them in whatever way you can,” said the MD.


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