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This Bestselling Author Is the Entrepreneur To Watch In 2023


J.J. Hebert is shaking up the book publishing industry once again, this time MindStir Media, the publishing house J.J. Hebert founded in 2009 and runs independently to this day, was ranked the best book publisher in Los Angeles J.J. Hebert is also the brainchild behind Mariel Hemingway’s Book Club, which he created in conjunction with Mariel Hemingway earlier this year. The new club is meant to be an alternative to Oprah’s Book Club in that Mariel’s club welcomes independently published authors and doesn’t solely focus on traditionally published books. One of the recent book selections from Mariel Hemingway’s Book Club is Change Short Simple In December of 2022, J.J. Hebert and MindStir Media also helped promoted Masiello’s book onto The Wall Street Journal bestseller list, a list mostly replete with traditionally published books. As an indie book, Change Short Simple was still able to land on the WSJ bestseller list as the no. 6 nonfiction eBook. J.J. was the one behind the scenes pulling the strings, running promotions to drive the book up the charts.

Helping independent authors is a common thread in J.J. Hebert’s work. As an indie author himself, J.J. knows how difficult it is to break into publishing. In the early 2000s, he signed with a literary agent but ultimately decided to self-publish his debut novel, Unconventional, in 2009 instead. The novel ended up selling over 100,000 copies worldwide. Since finding his own success, J.J. has been helping other authors build an audience through MindStir Media. From celebrity endorsements and videos to a book club and national bestseller campaigns, J.J. has revolutionized publishing for indie authors as one of the leading entrepreneurs in the publishing world. Now a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author himself, as well as a contributor for Forbes, J.J. Hebert is poised to continue making a huge impact in the publishing industry this year and the years to come. For all those reasons, J.J. Hebert is the entrepreneur to watch in 2023.


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