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Top 3 information security strategy essentials CIOs need


Leadership support critical for security

In the end, security comes down to defensibility. Are you going to be able to defend the security actions you’re taking as the leader of IT? You likely will if you’ve taken the steps outlined above.

Still, it can’t stop there. You must ensure your executive management peers support information security initiatives. For example, virtually all impactful security events end up on the desks of lawyers. Is your legal counsel on board with your security program? Better to get your attorney involved before the going gets rough. Ensure they, along with other business leaders, have all the right information to make informed decisions and guide your security program in the right direction.

If you look at your security program with brutal honesty, you’ll likely find there are several gaps — perhaps better positioned or referred to as opportunities. Whether you’re directly or indirectly in charge of information security, people are watching how you approach it. Even though you may not notice it, they’re watching now, and they’ll most certainly be watching if a security event takes place.

Take the time to do what you can to set yourself and your business up for success with security. Do it now when the timing and messaging are on your side rather than being forced to under pressure once an incident or breach occurs.


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