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Trust Is a Gamble, a Noble One


Why good leadership is based on trust

Trust is, Micro-managers don’t do trust, preferring instead to have work done in their own set ways. Good leaders, on the other hand, thrive in empowering people to do new things in ways these people judge best. These leaders know very well that in the process they might sometimes take a hit. They will also be frequently surprised Disruption, Trust does not just happen passively, it happens when it is actively promoted. Leaders who promote trust and involve people in the transformative process have better chances to successfully navigate disruptive times. With empathy, compassion and good specialist expertise, people will more eagerly take responsibilities and risks in full solidarity with one another.

As a leader you have a permanent responsibility to maintain high trust with all your stakeholders, especially in disruptive times. Start It’s a gamble, a noble one.

Dimis Michaelides is a keynote speaker, consultant, author and trainer on leadership creativity and innovation – see www.dimis.org or contact dimis@dimis.org


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