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What Does a CASB Do? Top CASB Solutions for 2021


Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) are a type of security tool that helps organizations manage and secure their cloud-based data. A CASB is essentially the middleman between you (the end-user) and the cloud providers. Here, we’ll discuss the functions of CASBs and list the top CASB solutions.

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Table of Contents

  • What Is a CASB?
  • Top CASB Solutions
  • Why Is a CASB Important?
  • How Do You Choose What a CASB Does?
  • Choosing the Right Cloud Access Security Broker

What Is a CASB?

Cloud Access Security Brokers are designed to manage the security of an organization’s applications, both internally and externally. It is a visibility and policy control point that sits between users and cloud providers. They provide visibility into unauthorized users on the network and block bad actors from gaining access to network resources.

With the right CASB, users can also control what data leaves and enters the cloud. A CASB can also provide proactive controls to mitigate cloud-based data breaches The CASB offers a higher level of security The primary role of cloud access security brokers is to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of a given virtual private server or cloud environment. They do this Read more: Access Control Security Best Practices

Top CASB Solutions

CIO Insight considered many cloud access security brokers in developing our list. Here are the top CASB solutions, in no particular order:


symantec logo

symantec logo

CloudSOC provides a unified platform for automating the detection and mitigation of threats across both cloud and on-premises environments. The Symantec CloudSOC product family is designed to help organizations make security smarter, providing centralized control, network visibility, and automated incident response through real-time alerting and real-time processing. CloudSOC is suitable for medium and enterprise customers using other Broadcom/Symantec cloud products like email and web security.


  • Highly accurate data loss prevention scans material and automatically classifies data
  • Users may access SaaS and IaaS accounts via API-based Securlets
  • CASB Gateway allows for real-time traffic between users and cloud apps
  • Integrates with Symantec DLP to extend core business DLP policies and procedures
  • Unusual or high-risk activity is detected, recorded, and mapped

McAfee MVISION Cloud

McAfee logo

McAfee logo

McAfee MVISION Cloud enforces data loss protection policies across cloud apps. With granular restrictions, it safeguards data


  • See data, context, and user behavior across all cloud services, users, and devices
  • Assert policy enforcement across cloud services and apply for persistent data protection in real time
  • Remove insecure settings and correcting high-risk user actions
  • Ensure data in the cloud is protected against data loss netskope logo

    netskope logoNetskope’s cloud-based security solution enables businesses to make full use of cloud and online technologies without compromising security. As part of its patent-pending approach to eliminating blind spots, the Cloud XD technology goes deep to swiftly target and regulate actions across hundreds or even millions of cloud services and websites.

    A single cloud gives your organization 360-degree data protection, along with sophisticated threat prevention to thwart cyberattacks. Netskope is suitable for enterprise clients who want a versatile CASB solution with sophisticated features.


    • All-mode architecture provides insight into all cloud traffic, whether on-premise or remote
    • Identities, services, behaviors, and data may be used to construct security rules
    • Use the Netskope CCI to rapidly assess cloud services
    • Smart cloud DLP and advanced data encryption can help detect and safeguard sensitive data

    Bitglass CASB

    bitglass logo

    bitglass logoAny device can be protected with Bitglass, because it doesn’t require agents. Data is protected end-to-end using their cloud access security broker solution. Enforce access restrictions, limit sharing, defend against viruses, prevent data leaks, and much more.

    Bitglass provides multiprotocol security with zero-day vulnerabilities. It also includes DLP and access control, as well as user behavior analytics, agentless mobile security, and API administration.


    • See how employees are using the cloud in a single window across several apps
    • DLP measures like encryption, redaction, and watermarking can be used to secure data going to or from the cloud
    • New cloud apps, dangers, and devices are automatically learned and adapted to

    Microsoft Cloud App Security

    microsoft logo

    microsoft logoThere are numerous implementations of Microsoft’s Cloud App Security, such as log collection, API connections, and a reverse proxy. With it, you can identify and respond to cyberattacks across all Microsoft and third-party cloud services.

    Security professionals will enjoy Microsoft Cloud App Security’s direct interaction with Microsoft’s most popular applications. Easy setup, central management, and unique automation features make it a great choice for businesses.


    • Detect and manage the usage of Shadow IT
    • Verify that your cloud apps are compliant
    • Provides comprehensive visibility, control over data transit, and sophisticated analytics

    Why Is a CASB Important?

    A CASB is an important part of cloud security strategy. As organizations begin to look towards the cloud for more mission-critical applications, CASBs will need to be explored as an option in order to keep data safe and secure.

    CASBs are important because they ensure sensitive data remains safe from cyber threats.

    There are many reasons why cloud security brokers might be beneficial to organizations. One is that they provide the reliability that is required in today’s world of cloud computing. For instance, if you are using the cloud to manage the inventory database for your company, the cloud provider will handle the secure storage and retrieval of that inventory data without you having to add any additional hardware, software, or training for IT staff.

    A CASB allows an organization to use SaaS applications without the worry of compromising their IT security. The use of cloud security brokers offers the advantage of ensuring compliance with existing regulatory standards, as well as improved audit trails and decreased costs.

    How Do You Choose What a CASB Does?

    To determine what a cloud access security broker does for you, first identify the role it plays in your organization. If you want to use this method to gain access to data on another cloud, the cloud security broker will handle the access When deploying CASB, start with the most important cloud application in your enterprise. In order to use the cloud application’s API, you’ll need to identify a CASB that offers API support for that cloud application.

    There are three ways CASB can be deployed: a proxy-like on-premise gateway, a host-based agent, and an API cloud-centric cloud service. In general, CASBs operate on four pillars, which are: visibility, compliance, threat protection, and data security.

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    Choosing the Right Cloud Access Security Broker

    There are many CASBs available, but choosing the right one for your organization requires a lot of careful consideration. Look out for faster application delivery, better connectivity and scalability, tighter control, greater resiliency, and simplified management. Further, you’ll want easy integration with other applications and excellent technical support.


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