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What is AI-defined infrastructure, and does it work?


AI-defined infrastructure’s potential

IT teams may have only just begun to tap into AI’s potential for planning, deploying, maintaining and securing infrastructures, but the field is full of possibilities. For example, an AI-defined infrastructure could analyze the demand for resources to plan capacity, or it could automatically allocate and de-allocate resources based on predicted outcomes.

An AI-defined infrastructure’s advanced analytics would make it possible to detect anomalies, find root causes, predict disruptions to services and proactively address issues before they occur. These features can also help secure the infrastructure After data has been collected and prepared for analysis, it is fed into the AI engine, which models and classifies the data, applies advanced machine learning algorithms, runs simulations and performs whatever other analysis has been programmed into the system. The AI engine identifies incongruities, unexpected behavior and data patterns, and then uses this information to make predictions and recommendations and carry out specific operations.

machine learning vs. deep learning AIs

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