Arrhythmias and Sexual Activity

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Arrhythmias and Sexual Activity

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For most people with arrhythmias, sexual activity does not necessarily need to be limited because of the arrhythmia alone. If the arrhythmia is due to other heart disease (for example, heart failure, angina, or a diseased heart valve), symptoms of the other heart disease may get worse during any activity, including sex, and arrhythmias may be more likely to occur.

Providing the other underlying heart disease is controlled, however, sexual activity should not be a problem.

People who notice symptoms of their arrhythmias during sexual activity should discuss this with their doctors. Some medicines can decrease sexual drive and produce impotence. You should not stop taking these medicines because of this; doing so would only lead to more frequent arrhythmias. People who develop impotence as a side effect of their medicine should discuss options with their doctors.

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