Varicose Veins: Microphlebectomy or Stab Avulsion

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Varicose Veins: Microphlebectomy or Stab Avulsion

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Microphlebectomy (also known as ambulatory phlebectomy or stab avulsion) is a technique to remove varicose veins. In this procedure, several tiny cuts (incisions) are made in the skin through which the varicosed vein is removed. Stitches usually are not required.

This procedure typically does not require a stay in the hospital. It may be done in your doctor's office under light sedation with local anesthesia.

Is it safe?

Microphlebectomy, or stab avulsion, usually does not lead to complications. Possible complications include short-term skin colour change, infection, pain, and tiny red spider veins.

How well does it work?

Microphlebectomy, or stab avulsion, is less likely to fix varicose veins when the leg veins are not working well. Because that is the case for most varicose veins, this procedure is usually used along with vein surgery or less invasive procedures.


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