Osteoporosis Risk Questionnaire

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Osteoporosis Risk Questionnaire

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A study done in 2000 found that answering a few simple questions can help determine whether you are at risk for developing osteoporosis.1

Add the number of points for your answers to the following questions, then follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.

Osteoporosis risk questionnaire

1. What is your gender?


Women: Continue to the next question.


Men: Click here to read about your risk.


2. How old are you?


44 years or younger: Click here to read about your risk.


45 to 54 years

0 points


55 years to 64 years

6 points


65 years to 74 years

9 points


75 years or older

15 points

3. How much do you weigh?


60 kg (132 lb) or less

9 points


60 kg to 69 kg (133 lb to 153 lb)

3 points


70 kg (154 lb) or more

0 points

4. Do you currently take estrogen?



0 points



2 points




Answer key:

  • Women scoring 8 points or less, click here to read about your risk.
  • Women scoring 9 points or more, click here to read about your higher risk.

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  1. Cadarette SM, et al. (2000). Development and validation of the Osteoporosis Risk Assessment Instrument to facilitate selection of women for bone densitometry. Canadian Medical Association Journal, 162(9): 1289–1294.


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