Vision Aids for Diabetes Care

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Vision Aids for Diabetes Care

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Some low-vision aids that may be helpful for you include:

  • Magnifying lenses (which make images larger). These include eyeglasses with special lenses, a hand-held magnifying glass, a magnifying lens mounted on a stand for reading, or a device that you can clip onto your glasses (like the device a jeweller uses). Special magnifying aids are available that enlarge the unit markings on insulin syringes and the display on insulin pumps and other diabetes supplies.
  • Needle guides and other devices that help you locate and stick the needle through the rubber stopper on your insulin bottle and help you prepare mixed- or single-dose insulin injections. There are also bottle-holding devices that help you hold the bottle and syringe to safely withdraw insulin. There are devices to help you draw the same amount of insulin every time. Insulin pens that show the units by clicking or have large-print markings can be used to give insulin that comes in a cartridge. Other needle aids help you inject insulin with pens or syringes.
  • "Talking" or large-print home blood sugar meters. A large-print meter can help you see your blood sugar result clearly. There are also some "talking" meters.
  • "Talking" or large-print food scales. If you need to weigh your food, there are large-print or talking food scales. You can also estimate portion sizes by other means; for example, 1 cup is about the amount you can place in your cupped hand.
  • Computerized blood sugar records. Most home blood sugar meter companies have computer software that allows your blood sugar results to be entered directly into a computer so that you do not have to keep handwritten records. You can also print these in large print so that you can read the records.
  • Tape recorder for record keeping. You can record your daily blood sugar results and other information directly into a tape recorder.


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