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Dr Pimple Popper squeezes protuberance a distance of a GOLF BALL

  • Dr Pimple Popper, aka Sandra Lee, is famous for her stomach-churning videos
  • This unnamed studious was pang from a vast pilar protuberance behind his head
  • Dr Lee removes a protuberance whole afterwards slices it open to greatfully pus-loving viewers

Claudia Tanner For Mailonline



For those who adore a nice show, Dr Pimple Popper is back.

The YouTube prodigy dermatologist private a golf ball-sized protuberance in another stomach-churning video.

Dr Sandra Lee, aka Dr Pimple Popper, managed to cocktail a outrageous pile out whole, exclaiming: ‘That’s a genuine resin ball!’

To prove her 2.5 million viewers’ lust for pus, she creates certain to cut a private protuberance open

As a alloy creates dual incisions opposite a cyst, a unnamed masculine studious feels a ‘sharpness’.

He was pang from a pilar cyst, that grow on a scalp and run in families, according to Dr Lee.

The golf-ball sized protuberance came out of a masculine patient’s conduct whole after he felt a ‘sharpness’  


Cysts that form around a hair follicles are famous as pilar or trichilemmal cysts.

Unlike cysts that rise underneath a skin, pilar cysts run in families.

They routinely rise as skin cells pierce adult to a aspect as they start to die, so they can be shed.

Sometimes these cells pierce deeper into a skin and multiply, combining a sac.

They hide a protein keratin into a center of a sac, that forms a thick, yellow pulp and can ooze out of a protuberance if it bursts.

Cysts are customarily submissive and, if they are tiny and not bothering you, they can be left alone.

Otherwise, they can be removed. 

Infected cysts need treating with antibiotics. 

Source: NHS Choices 

California-based Dr Lee explains that with pilar, or trichilemmal, cysts, she can't ‘numb it adult unequivocally well’ until she starts removing inside it.

She after gave him some-more anesthetic.  

Dr Lee said: ‘We all like them to come out total though we consider a lot of a viewers of these things like them to be squeezed out.

‘But we’re not hear to greatfully them all of a time – you’re a many critical one to please.’

The footage starts with a pimple-popping consultant chatting about round with a patient.

Then, only 4 mins in, she scarcely gets a protuberance out, though stops when a male moans.

‘We roughly got it! I’m so sorry,’ she says as she reaches for some-more anesthetic.

A integrate of mins later, Dr Lee successfully removes a benign, greasy growth, exclaiming. ‘That’s a genuine resin round for sure!’

The studious says ‘wow’ as she shows him a private cyst, that has a patch of hair on tip ‘like a Mohawk’.

‘Shall we cut by it?’ she asks a patient.

‘People will get insane if we don’t.’

Dr Lee was incompetent to request many pain-killer initially, causing a studious to blubber in pain

After 6 mins a protuberance is removed, with a ‘Mohawk’ like hair patch trustworthy on top 

The procession was a success and finished with Dr Lee rupturing a expansion so it spurted out pus 

As she slices into a outrageous expansion it abruptly spurts out pus, creation everybody in a room squeal.

Yet, many of her subscribers are gay with Dr Lee’s latest clip.

One fan responded: ‘Are there any other viewers who, as we watch these videos, have family members travel by, demeanour during a shade and act troubled that we could watch this kind of stuff?

‘My father can’t know how we can be so preoccupied by it. we privately don’t know how he can’t be!’

Uploaded on May 16, a video has already amassed some-more than 479,922 views on Dr Lee’s popular YouTube channel.  

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