Heart Disease Prevention Quiz

What Do You Know About Preventing Heart Disease?

You can take steps to reduce your risk for heart disease. Find out more about preventing heart disease by taking this quiz.

1. Which of these is a cause of heart disease?
2. What can happen if blood flow in an artery is blocked or greatly restricted?
3. Three risk factors for heart disease can't be controlled. Which of these are they?
4. What is a borderline high level for total cholesterol?
5. What is considered "high blood pressure"?
6. Why can smoking lead to heart disease?
7. How many minutes of daily exercise can help prevent heart disease?
8. Your risk for heart disease rises if your body mass index (BMI) is more than 24.9. Why?
9. Drinking a moderate amount of alcohol is considered safe for your heart. What can happen if you drink more?
10. Which of these is a classic symptom of a heart attack?