International Travel Quiz

How Much Do You Know About International Travel and Health?

Test your knowledge of how to stay healthy when traveling abroad.

1. International travel may require prophylactic medicines against malaria or a vaccine against yellow fever. How long before departure should you see your doctor?
2. Hepatitis A can be contracted during travel to which of these regions?
3. Blood clots can develop in the lower leg during extended air travel. How often should you move around to keep your circulation normal?
4. If you become ill while traveling abroad, where should you call for help?
5. Low humidity and recirculated air in airplanes can cause dehydration. Which of these beverages hydrate the best?
6. Which of these beverages would be the safest to drink while traveling abroad?
7. Which of these foods would likely be safe to eat?
8. Which alcoholic beverages are least likely to harbor bacteria?
9. Which of these first-aid items should you always travel with?