Fever Quiz

What Do You Really Know About Fever?

One minute you're hot; the next, you're chilled and your teeth chatter. You've got a fever. But look on the bright side: Fever seems to serve a helpful function in the body. See how much you know about fever by taking this quiz.

1. At which point is an elevated body temperature considered a fever?
2. What should you do if a child has a temperature of 103.5 degrees two hours after taking fever medication?
3. Why should you avoid bundling up with blankets when chills occur with a fever?
4. What is the best way to cool the body if the fever is low-grade (102 degrees or lower)?
5. Which of these cases warrant a call to the doctor when fever is a symptom?
6. Children can experience seizures as the result of fever. At which age are these seizures most likely to occur?
7. What else besides viruses, fungal, parasitic and bacterial infections can cause fever?
8. How high can strenuous exercise raise the body temperature?
9. The body is at what temperature when heatstroke can occur?
10. Ice helps reduce body temperature if fever results from heat exhaustion. Where should you apply an ice pack?