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Europe’s sinister food scandals


Public certainty in food reserve in Europe has again been undermined by a flourishing insecticide-tainted egg scandal.

Following are some of a food scares from beef, pig and duck to Coca-Cola, that have dented consumer certainty in Europe over a past 4 decades.

1981: Spanish sinister oil

Some 1,200 people are killed in Spain in May 1981 after being sinister by sinister colza oil, sole as a surrogate for olive oil in Madrid’s suburbs. Sales of olive oil dump drastically, removing behind to normal usually dual years later. In 1992, 10 association chiefs and chemists in a food oil zone are condemned to between 4 and 77 years in jail over a affair.

1986: Mad cow disease

The coming of a initial cases of “mad cow disease” or cow spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), in 1986 in Britain causes a open health shock that lasts several years. In 1996, when it becomes transparent that a illness can be transmitted to humans in a form of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, a European Union orders a worldwide embargo on British beef and a derivatives. The embargo is carried in Europe in 1999 and in France in 2002. The World Health Organisation says that there have been 224 cases of Creutzfeldt-Jakob illness from Oct 1996 to Mar 2011, especially in Britain.

1990: Benzene-tainted Perrier

Mineral H2O writer Perrier withdraws 160 million bottles worldwide following a showing of benzene in bottles on sale in a United States and Britain.

1999: Chickengate

In May 1999, dioxin, a rarely carcinogenic substance, is detected in feed for ornithology and stock in Belgium, contaminating a whole food chain. The liaison leads to a abdication of dual Belgian ministers and costs Belgium 650 million euros, as consumers evade industrially constructed eggs and chickens.

Other dioxin decay cases follow: pig fat in Belgium in 2006, mozzarella cheese in Italy in 2008 and pig in Ireland in 2008.

1999: Coca-Cola recall

In June, 1999 several countries repel millions of bottles of soothing drinks done by US-based libation hulk Coca-Cola after around 100 people tumble ill in Europe after celebration a products. The drinks are theme to a sweeping remember for several days in Belgium and Luxembourg, and partially cold in a Netherlands and France. The means of a illness is discovered: bad peculiarity carbonic gas used in a Belgian bureau and fungicide employed to provide wooden pallets in a French factory. The company, criticised for bad government of a incident, admits responsibility.

2011: E.Coli scare

In Jul 2011, after 48 people die in Germany, a European Food Safety Agency slaps a proxy anathema on all seeds and beans from Egypt after it blames a collection of infested fenugreek seeds alien to Germany and afterwards distributed elsewhere for a infections. Cucumbers are initially, falsely, suspected of being a means of a illnesses.

2013: Horse-meat scandal

While not carrying health implications, consumer confidence is serve dented in Feb 2013 in a vital liaison stretching opposite a European continent triggered by a find that horsemeat is being upheld off as beef in burgers and other beef products.

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