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?The Best Workout Shorts For Summer


When you’re charging through a few miles, the last thing you want to do is to have to pull your shorts down because the legs constantly ride up to crotch-level…or dig the fabric out of your derriere because the material is sliding up your butt crack. (And then do that over and over again…)

Can you say distraction? If you’re doing speed-work training for a race, you definitely don’t want to slow down to tug your shorts down. If you’re going on a light and breezy five miler, you don’t want the disturbance of ill-fitting shorts; your workout was supposed to be fun and stress-relieving, after all. And if you’re planning on hitting the weight room after hopping off the treadmill, wardrobe malfunctions can easily crush your motivation.

Finding the right shorts to exercise in is a big deal—it can actually make or break your workout. That’s why we consulted four on-top-of-their-game trainers for their favorite picks for shorts that won’t ride up when you get moving. They considered everything that matters when making their choices, including material, fit, and waistband. Some have built-in undies that up the comfort level (and, hey, convenience, too), while others are made out of a compression-style material. Considering the sheer number of workout shorts our experts own—they’ve tried everything—you can be sure that they know their stuff.

Want to get right to the goods? Check out these eight must-haves. Then slip on a pair and get to it. You were born to own this workout.


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