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10 Business Cliches to Avoid Like a Plague


3. Thrown underneath a bus. As in (excitedly): “Whoa, did we see Johnson chuck Dorfman underneath a train in that Product Development meeting?” Have we ever attempted to indeed throw someone? (Especially someone as vast as many executives?) Much reduction underneath a relocating vehicle? It’s unequivocally hard.

4. It’s a win-win situation. A bad understanding that should be avoided.

5. “He’s a genuine crackerjack!” May be used to news an executive brought in to spin around a unwell operation. Actually means he’s cruel and conscienceless, maybe psychopathic. Employees, take cover…

6. Ramp up. As in, “We’re ramping adult a Customer Service operations.” This is formula for “We’re woefully behind, and a pivotal aspirant is eating a lunch.”

7. Rightsizing. A logical, inevitable-sounding approach of observant staff is about to be slashed and a bloodbath will ensue.

8. Headwinds. Most mostly used by a CFO or CEO: “We faced clever headwinds in a initial quarter.” Generally precedes a proclamation of disappointing, presumably disastrous, financial results.

9. Challenges and opportunities. My all-time favorite for a continuance and flexibility. It’s tough to review an annual news though colliding with a few of these. “Challenges” generally refers to opportunities left awry, and “opportunities” refers to hurdles like fast-growing businesses where we should be doing good though competitors are inexplicably winning us.

Someone usually forked out that we betrothed 10 cliches in a pretension though listed usually 9. Oh, sorry, theory we did. No matter. We business folks have been famous to elaborate a small now and then…

This essay initial seemed during Forbes.com.