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7 Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Products, Ranked According To A Nutritionist


Cooler temps and changing colors mean only one thing: pumpkin’s back! Or, at least, pumpkin-flavored foods.

“People flock to the store to get their fill of pumpkin products, which taste good, but are often not the healthiest,” says Washington, D.C.-based nutritionist Jessica Swift, R.D., noting that pumpkin, all on its own, is a veritable superfood. But add enough sugar and chemicals to even the healthiest of ingredients, and you’ve got a recipe for weight gain.

Thankfully, it’s possible to get your fill of pumpkin without piling on the pounds; you just have to know what to look out for. To take the guesswork out of your next trip to the store, Swift gives us the low-down on the best and worst pumpkin products currently on the shelves at Trader Joe’s. Here they are, ranked from best to worst:


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