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Ambulance waits cut from more than 90 minutes to 32


How are your local NHS services coping this winter?

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About the data

Data for England is shown by NHS trust, where the trust includes at least one hospital with a Type 1 AE department. Type 1 means a consultant-led 24 hour AE service with full resuscitation facilities. Data for Wales and Scotland is shown by Health Board and in Northern Ireland by Health and Social Care Trust.

When you enter a postcode for a location in England you will be shown a list of NHS trusts in your area. They will not necessarily be in order of your closest hospital as some trusts have more than one hospital. Data for Wales and Scotland are shown by NHS board and by Health and Social Care trust in Northern Ireland.

Comparative data is shown for a previous year where available. However, where trusts have merged there is no like-for-like comparison to show. Earlier data is not available for all measures, so comparisons between years are not always possible.

AE attendances include all emergency departments in that trust or health board, not just major AE departments, for example, those who attend minor injury units.

Each nation has different target times for some of the measures shown, therefore comparisons between them may not be possible.