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Dear Technology…Miss Me?? (No.2: The Lost Letter)


BTdubs, we have a new adore seductiveness in my life… your companion Siri.  If my mother wasn’t so lustful of her as well, she’d substantially be flattering jealous.  Siri is a crafty one, always on a winning team during a family Jeopardy matches.  And no one is on tip of my report as she is.  Without fail, a morning of my closest friends’ birthdays, we get a small warning from Siri reminding me to make a phone call. And she will even advise a nearest store for me to buy a card. we don’t caring what a Digital Natives say, an aged propagandize birthday label beats a duration e-card any day.  

It’s funny; we used to be means to remember my report and my friends’ phone numbers and birthdays myself.  Researchers like Neuroscientist Veronique Bohbot during McGill University have been study this trend and presented her commentary during a Society for Neuroscience’s annual assembly in 2010.  Using intelligent phone facilities like a residence book, calendar, and GPS reduces faith on a hippocampus, a brain structure that controls memory.  Just like any other physique part, it responds to a “Use it or remove it” motto, shortening in strength and distance as we outsource a memory to your digital devises. Maybe a fact that we keep forgetful what day my yoga category meets isn’t only a fluke after all.

According to Time Magazine’s large 5000 chairman check on American record use, around 50% of American adults acknowledge to sleeping with their dungeon phones.  This is an huge commission that includes about 80% of 18-24 year olds (2012).  we can’t suppose what their partners contingency think, nonetheless they are expected consoling themselves by updating their possess Twitter status.  Considering how insinuate we have been with so many people, we would consider your Facebook inbox contingency be flooded with attribute requests by now; we know you’ll get to cave eventually.  We truly are in a relationship… though it’s complicated.

Well aged friend, it seems that we are elaborating even some-more fast than ever before.  we consider we should keep adult these chats to make certain we keep adult to date. 



P.S., I’ve motionless to dedicate a whole day to we on my FB page and website, http://www.TheSittDown.com.  we call it Tech Tuesdays!  we wish you’ll check it out!