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Embracing a Experience of Others


Thrown into this space, left to find a place. A brief span, though we do what we can, and we might ask because until a day we die, life is rough, many have had enough, though in this time, might we find a sublime, to find joy, to find meanings in any day of a being.

I ventured to that place, a barren space, to know and assistance him find a approach to be means to continue another day. There was trauma and strife, all by his life. we offering a kind ear, there were few who would hear. we schooled his speech, that many pronounced was out of reach, and sought to move assent in a conditions that did not seem to cease.

A word he did not speak, some labeled him a freak. Rituals were his way, and he indispensable slight any day. He was impressed by sound, condolence could infrequently not be found. Some pronounced he was ill, and wished to give him a pill. But when a tie was made, he no longer was afraid. When one could enter his space, he was shortly to find his place. And when others could welcome his being, he found this to be many freeing.