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Fracture of the shoulder girdle in multiply injured patients


The combination of a bony injury to the shoulder girdle and damage to the brachial plexus and the subclavian vessels is a rare finding. The cases of this combined injury pattern described in the literature are most notably reported in multiply-injured patients after high velocity trauma.FindingsThree cases were admitted to our hospital after motorcycle accidents resulting in a combination of severe bony injuries to the shoulder girdle, to the subclavian artery and a lesion to the brachial plexus.

Based on these three clinical cases the patterns of injury, as well as primary and secondary treatment approaches are presented.

The early detection of these injuries can be difficult in given acute, life threatening injuries addressed first in these multiply injured patients. A high level of suspicion, in conjunction with standardized ATLS based institutional protocols for secondary and tertiary survey, should increase the likelihood of a timely detection and early management of these rare but potentially devastating injuries.

Author: Senat KrasniciJörg SchmidtKolja ReimannWolfgang ErtelTobias Topp
Credits/Source: Patient Safety in Surgery 2013, 7:24

Published on: 2013-07-07


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