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How To Reduce Fear & Anxiety About Disease & Death – Part 4


But a irony is that fear and highlight have been scientifically proven to mistreat your health, putting we during risk of all from heart illness to cancer to a common cold.

On tip of that, when you’re fearful of removing ill or blank a diagnosis, you’re expected to put yourself during risk of overdiagnosis and overtreatment, that as we explored progressing in this blog series, has been documented to lead to health risks. As it turns out, fear and highlight make we sick, and bravery heals. So what can we do to minimize fear and highlight about illness and welcome bravery instead? If you’re pang from a full blown highlight commotion or phobia, greatfully find veteran help. But if you, like many of us, customarily need some tips for navigating a fears that illness all of us, review on.

10 Tips For Reducing Health Fears

1. Understand that fear sells and you’re being manipulated.

Fear sells, and a media knows it. So it’s no warn that each other title is warning we about a “Secret Dangers Living In Your Cupboard” or a “Deadly Dangers Of Airplane Travel” or a “Cancer-Causing Toxins In [Pretty Much Everything.]”

As we wrote in this blog post, we’re safer than we’ve ever been. But a appearance of wire news as party and internet news during your fingertips has remade us into a fear-driven society, shocked of things that are comparatively low risk.  Realize that a media is perplexing to make we balance in by creation we afraid. Refuse to be partial of a game.

2. Assess a genuine risk.

Yes, there are genuine health risks out there that can be simply avoided. And since not do what we can to minimize your risks? But when many of a risks indicate to low risk though high hum culprits, it’s easy to remove viewpoint on how good a tangible risk is. For example, when hog influenza pennyless out, everybody freaked out. But as we wrote about in 17 Ways To Avoid Swine Flu Why Not To Freak Out, hog influenza was customarily a influenza virus, not Ebola virus. The same mass violence followed a Japanese chief plant meltdown after a tsunami (I wrote this post  in response.)

Rather than removing swept adult in undiscerning fears, teach yourself. Know a genuine risks, afterwards make decisions accordingly.

3. Shield yourself from a media.

Take a media holiday and customarily notice what happens to your fear and highlight levels. Try it. You competence be vacant how chillaxed we feel.

4. Meditate.

Fear and highlight trigger a body’s “fight-or-flight” stress response, sensitive a sensitive shaken complement and putting your physique during risk for disease. But Harvard highbrow Herbert Benson, author of a 1970’s bestseller The Relaxation Response, valid that a elementary imagining shuts off a highlight response and stimulates a decrease response, permitting a physique to not customarily giveaway itself from fear and anxiety, though to also flip on a healthy self-repair mechanisms and reanimate itself.

5. Tap into your middle knowing.

I call it your Inner Pilot Light – that wise, intuitive, body-centered partial of we that will tell we either we unequivocally need to worry – or either we can trust that you’re safe. If you’re not conference a voice of your body’s wisdom, sign adult here for daily messages from your Inner Pilot Light.

6. Dissociate from your fear.

I call cave a Gremlin. Martha Beck calls hers her “Inner Lizard.” We all have fears, generally when it comes to illness or death. But it’s critical to know that a fears arise in a amygdala of a primal brain. Their pursuit is to strengthen us, though in complicated life, some-more mostly than not, these fears repairs us some-more than they strengthen us. Make friends with your Gremlin. Recognize that it’s not YOU. And when we hear that fear voice prattling on, pat your Gremlin on a head, pattern adult your courage, and take dauntless stairs to urge your health by aligning your life with your law – in your relationships, your work, your sex life, your spiritual life, your financial life, your earthy health, and all that jazz.

7. Push a boundary of your comfort zone.

It’s healthy to stay resolutely inside your comfort zone. But a some-more we step outward of it, a some-more you’ll learn that a areas customarily outward your comfort section are substantially customarily as safe. If we customarily palm your appetite over to your alloy during health caring visits, try vocalization adult and seeking questions.  If we tend to equivocate risk, try something unsure (within reason, of course!) Repetitive experiments with contrast a waters outward your comfort section can retrain your amygdala, revoke highlight and fear, and assistance we feel brave.

8. Affirm your courage.

Try affirmations like “I am brave.” Or “I value courage.”

9. Surround yourself with bold people.

If you’re flanked by fear-driven people who plan their fears onto you, it’s no consternation we feel concerned or afraid. Try seeking out dauntless people, like a people who are drawn to a village atOwningPink.com, and see how their appetite affects yours.

10. Trust a Universe.

As A Course In Miracles teaches, fear is a conflicting of adore – and a dual can’t coexist. Essentially, by vouchsafing fear and highlight run a show, you’re revelation a Universe we don’t trust that whatever happens is in a top good for all beings. Letting go of fear and highlight is a ultimate uncover of faith – that it’s all handled, that a Universe doesn’t need we to micromanage your life, that even if we do get sick, it’s since your essence is here on this earth to learn something, and illness customarily competence be a car for that lesson. Let go of a handle. Surrender. Trust.

What’s A Health Conscious Person To Do?

I’m not suggesting we equivocate doctors, embankment medicine medical tests, or decrease treatment. But we am suggesting we do what we can to conduct fear and anxiety, not customarily to assistance your physique stay in a healthy state of self-repair, though also to equivocate putting yourself during risk of overmedicalization.

The approach we see it – a best we can do is live healthy lives – not customarily by eating well, exercising, avoiding bad habits, removing adequate sleep, and handling stress, though also by prioritizing healthy relationships,ensuring that we’re aligned with a soul’s work, staying in a certain conduct and heart space, holding stairs to feel spiritually connected, and vital an all-around unconditionally healthy life.

You on board? Tell us what we think.

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