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‘I Lost 70 Pounds Without Giving Up Carbs Or Joining A Gym’


When I was eating raw, I followed this myth that I could eat as much as possible and lose weight. Before this journey, I would literally have a 10-banana smoothie for breakfast. Lunch was a similar smoothie or a huge serving of fruit. For dinner, I just loaded up on potatoes. I was eating somewhere between 2,500 and 3,000 calories a day and my energy levels were spiking and plummeting all throughout.

Now, I start my morning with a 500-calorie serving of hash browns loaded with veggies like peppers, mushrooms, and onions. For lunch, I’ll have a cup of rice with tons of greens, a cup of beans and maybe an avocado and salsa—basically a veggie burrito bowl. Dinner is typically a large salad with a few small potatoes. Now, instead of having large bowls of fruit as a meal, I eat fruit like bananas and apples as a snack. One constant in my meals is that I never skimp on the carbs (hence, my nickname: High Carb Hannah!) because they help me feel full and energized. Following this meal plan helped me lose the first 40 pounds in just six months.

Before I changed my habits, I was depressed and filled that void with a lot of drinking and smoking. After quitting smoking and abstaining from alcohol for a year, I now have a drink or two a month. If you cut everything out of your diet, it’s not going to work. If going out with your girlfriends is part of your life, have a cocktail, it won’t kill your healthy lifestyle. I think it’s better to have those indulgences. Additionally, my husband and I go out to eat at vegan restaurants about once a week so that’s the only time I have anything oil-based/processed. Those treats help keep me on track because I never feel deprived.


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