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Jasmina Tesanovic: The Cures


In 2008, when Radovan Karadzic, a scandalous quarrel criminal, was arrested in downtown Belgrade after many years of stealing successfully, we helped the New York Times investigate his methods of concealment. The tip of his invisibility was simple: He had turn a medical quack.

Radovan Karadzic, designer of a Srebrenica slaughter, had turn Dragan “David” Dabic, an choice medicine guru. He compared with a lethally-stricken, wrote articles about spices and imagining in specialized magazines, and even dared to give well-attended lectures in renouned places all over Serbia.

In private life before a war, Karadzic had been a psychiatrist, so he had an scary affinity for those who suffered mental or deadly illness. Cancer wards and problematic associations of a flustered and angry were a places he haunted. we visited many of his favorite spots, where we talked to his patients and followers, editors and friends.

These people were not his accomplices. He hoodwinked them with good ease, for these people were mostly dying, and it is partial of tellurian condition to trust life and wish for a cure.

Salvatore Iaconesi is my crony and someday collaborator, a Roman hacker operative and artist. Recently he went out open with a private predicament of his mind cancer. He hacked a unreadable format of a sanatorium papers and put a scans online. He afterwards invited a online village to assistance him in anticipating a heal (La Cura). I applauded his bravery.

Salvatore wanted to be active rather than seen as pacifist and pitied, as a ill so mostly are seen in a multitude that dreads mankind and seems to fear a mortal contamination from cancer. Italy’s really permanent race has many opportunities for slow-building maladies like cancer. Salvatore wanted to hoop his possess  body, his self, politically, medically and privately. Hundreds of proffer opinions poured onto his website, from mainstream distinguished doctors to alternative, even banned treatments.

Thirty years ago a famous Italian anti-psychiatrist Basaglia done a identical try to change a tarnish of a normal proceed to a illness in Italy. Even a law, still in force, was upheld with Basaglia’s name.  In Basaglia’s day (stricken by brian cancer himself), there was no Internet, no easy mind scans, no hackers activists, and mind cancer was even some-more deadly than it is today. Here now is Salvatore, 30 years later, seeking a happier end.

When my bridesmaid Xeni Jardin schooled she had breast cancer in Dec 2011, a information given to her in L.A. were usually like Salvatore’s in Italy, in a specialized medical format she could not open. Being one of a many distinguished bloggers, with a small assistance from her hackers pals she non-stop her files usually to find out that her ambiguous sealed files were those of a male — some man with a growth and also a ghostly, scanned penis! It was as tragicomical as babies substituted in a maternity ward.

Xeni told a universe on her Twitter stream:

@Xeni: we call a hacker pal. “That, Xeni, is a dick.” Look during metadata some-more carefully. THEY GAVE ME THE WRONG DATA. SOME OTHER DUDE’S SCANS. 3/3

@Xeni: we don’t even know how we should feel. Today was a day of other new tough news, a Big Day in a fight. And–I have some other guy’s dickscan.

@Xeni: Called a clinic, they’re not open. Now job an profession to make certain we hoop it appropriately. we don’t wish anyone else’s data!

@Xeni: Any authorised experts out there caring to share recommendation on what we do, now that I’ve satisfied I’m in possession of someone else’s data?

Most expected some other studious had Xeni’s scan! We never listened what that lady had to contend for himself.  Perhaps he wasn’t on a Internet.

Salvatore, with his romantic proceed to The Cure, is perplexing to emanate a new situations: After countless interviews in a vital mainstream Italian press, he has turn a luminary patient. There is an beginning in a council to make a lessons of his box into new Italian law: open source information for all patients.

I find myself weakened by this ostensible widespread of cancer that surrounds me.  Intimates of cave seem to be removing it like a flu. These people aren’t sequence smoking, celebration effluent or posterior diseased lifestyles. They’re immature and old, mostly in apparently ideal health.

I spoke to Salvatore, we spoke to Xeni, and we also spoke to Magda Bandera, another crony of mine, an romantic and publisher from Spain who went open with her cancer. They chose honesty, they valued openness, they took a shortcoming for their dim state. And they have survived, to a border that any of us mortals survive.

One can select differently — like, for instance, Steve Jobs. The misfortune is to be kept in a problematic ignorance, where your physique becomes a object, a victim, a aim of an problematic menace. Disease might take your life though damned and problematic protocols is where we remove your dignity, strength and amicable power.

When cancer knocks on a body, we turn refugees within a possess selves. Forces stronger afterwards we can control seem to beam a being toward death. But there is a wholesome impulse when we comprehend that these army can be understood: You can't FIGHT cancer, win wars on cancer, conflict cancer as a visionary otherness or usually visitor partial of your body, since afterwards we turn partial of that immorality scheme. Cancers are partial of US, aspects of a metabolism left astray, and tools of a tellurian body, an entity that should be treated with adore and care.  One can’t quarrel cancer with panic, fear, overpower and hatred, any some-more than one creates assent during quarrel by doubling a demonized resentment. Wisdom, science, politics of giveaway information and activism is a trail to survival: The Internet is a new participation in a ancient residence of pain.

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