Julia Stiles Says She’s Addicted to This Workout

julia stles workout bag infographicImage by Amanda Becker

1. Shampoo
“I shower right after yoga, and this is sulfate-free so it’s not harsh on my hair—or the environment.” (Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash Shampoo, $28, kevinmurphy.com.au for store locations)

2. Face Scrub
“It’s natural, smells great, feels tingly, and gets the gunk off your face.” (Dayle Breault Goddess of Skin Bonifide Scrub, $75, goddessofskin.com)

3. Leggings
“They’re fitted but not too constricting, and they have a higher waist, which stays put through different poses.” (Black Milk Clothing Leggings, $60, blackmilkclothing.com)

4. Sports Bra
“I used to cover up more, but I’ve gotten more comfortable in just pants and a bra.” (Athleta Chi Sports Bra, $49, athleta.com)

5. Sundress
“It’s tough to pull jeans on after hot yoga. Even if you shower, you can still be a little sweaty.” (Sunshine State of Mind Dress, $60, modcloth.com)

6. Green Juice
“It comes in glass jars, and I think that makes it taste better. The one that I have almost every day is called Minty Green. It doesn’t take like grass. It’s so refreshing.” (Up Jus Minty Green Juice, $11, available at Up Jus in Vancouver)

7. Water Bottle
“Hydration is super-important for hot yoga, and I prefer to not use plastic.” (Klean Kanteen Insulated Classic Bottle, $31, kleankanteen.com)