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‘Nap Bars’ Are Officially A Thing Now—Would You Try It?


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One reviewer, David V. said this in his TripAdvisor write-up of the spot: “It is a very quiet place to take a break during the day site, initially had some doubts but last week I decided to buy a ticket and try and was very pleased […] the bunks are inside in a quiet room and more privacy than I thought.”

Here’s the best way to get a better night’s sleep:

Luckily the trend extends outside of Spain—there are nap bars in cities like London and Tokyo—and there have long been a few in the U.S. In New York for example, weary travelers or exhausted workers can pop into YeloSpa for their trademarked YeloCab Nap, a “sleep therapy system that takes place inside of our patented treatment cabins.” Naps are $1 a minute there, can range from 20 to 40 minutes, and are customized with “aromatherapy and sound settings.” The establishment has been offering relaxing naps since 2007, according to the New York Times.

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While pricy, it seems to be popular, with one reviewer on Yelp, Lilly R., gushing, “I was blown away by the nap experience in [zero] gravity, lights, music, scents and massage. Before I knew it I woke up from an enjoyable sleep, I never realized I went to sleep until I woke up all refreshed [and] energized.”

Another reviewer admitted he used to go here on his lunch break since he loves napping. “Sleep will always get 5 stars!!” Char R. praised on Yelp.

If the idea of some extra Zzzs alone isn’t appealing to you, consider this: A 15 to 20-minute nap can boost your alertness throughout the day. And a 30 minute nap can offset the inflammation that came with your rough night of sleep the night before. Need more time than that? Forty-five minutes can improve your memory and lower your blood pressure and experts say an hour long nap is better than a cup of coffee for getting you over that midday slump.


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