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One Million Moms: Intolerance of Biblical Proportions


Another call to movement was over a singular partial of a TV uncover Person of Interest. According to One Million Moms, a uncover “went approach too distant in an try to normalize homosexuality when creator and writer J.J. Abrams introduced a married lesbian couple”—a womanlike heart surgeon and her womanlike partner. Million Moms pronounced “The uncover treated this incorrigible attribute usually like any other married couple. This is a approach of compelling a homosexual bulletin by creation it seem positively normal.”

So we sent an email to a producers of Person of Interest thanking them for portraying a lesbian integrate usually like any other married couple. we got their email residence from One Million Moms.

In their call to movement opposite Person of Interest, One Million Moms pronounced that solely for this one episode, they adore examination Person of Interest. They described it as being “fresh, intriguing, and intensely interesting.” But as my mother forked out, one of a categorical characters in Person of Interest is a bad patrolman named Fusco. Fusco is partial of a hurtful organisation of drug-running military officers. He attempted to govern a categorical impression not once, though twice. By my count, Fusco has disregarded 3 of a Ten Commandments on many occasions, nonetheless One Million Moms never asked us to protest a uncover given of that. Thanks to One Million Moms, we now know that in God’s eyes, being a lesbian is worse than lying, hidden and murder.

And afterwards there’s a TV uncover Suits, where One Million Moms says “The name of Jesus is blasphemed and hauled by a cesspool constantly. God is never saved when his Son’s name is taken in vain. You and we can't let this continue.” Suits is a uncover we watch. we assume if God were unequivocally indignant about it, he would have seen to it that Suits got canceled after a initial season. After all, He is God.

I gifted a impulse of personal dark when One Million Moms expelled a call to movement claiming that a Geico Pig was tantalizing America’s daughters to have sex with barnyard animals. Taking One Million Moms during their word, we asked my teenage daughter if a Geico Pig commercials were causing her to have polluted thoughts about pigs. “Jesus Christ, dad, that’s sick! Where did we get such a disfigured idea?” (I theory she’s been watching Suits.)

Oreo cookie with rainbow colored fillingThen, One Million Moms threatened Oreo cookies. It seems that Kraft Foods, builder of Oreos, had combined an ad in support of happy rights. The ad showed a hulk Oreo cookie whose stuffing contained all a colors of a rainbow. According to One Million Moms, “Kraft needs to know that there are competitors that make identical products. Siding with radical homosexuals has a price. There are copiousness of cookies on a marketplace for moms to buy that do not support magnanimous causes.” Really? Most off-brand versions of Oreo cookies ambience terrible. My call to movement was to buy a package of Oreo cookies and suffer eating each final one.

This leads me to final night’s call to movement per a Boy Scouts. One Million Moms were in arms about a Boy Scouts’ due fortitude that would concede there to be happy scouts, even if they wouldn’t concede happy director leaders. Here’s what One Million Moms had to say:

“The [proposed] BSA fortitude doesn’t concede a happy adult to go on a camp-out with boys, though might put an ‘experienced’ happy 17-year-old with a 12-year-old child on his initial camp-out. This creates a ideal environment for passionate abuse within scouting.”

How is this any opposite from what goes on now? How do a Boy Scouts know if a intensity director is gay? we suspect they could put sensors that magnitude arousal on a boys’ crotches and make them demeanour during cinema of exposed men. This is one of a usually ways that researchers can tell, and they still get lots of fake negatives and positives.

It’s also transparent that Million Moms doesn’t know many about passionate orientation. It’s no some-more probable for a homosexual Boy Scout to spin a true director happy than it is for Christian counselors to spin homosexuals into heterosexuals. “Conversion” works no improved on a camping outing than in a therapist’s office.

But if a Boy Scouts’ fortitude does pass, we wouldn’t be astounded if One Million Moms demanded that happy Boy Scouts have to wear pinkish badges.

cover of Boy's Life repository for Boy Scouts: it says

So there we have it—issues with Ellen, Person of Interest, Suits, The Geico Pig, and now a Boy Scouts. These are some of a things I’ve schooled about given fasten One Million Moms. we have also schooled that membership in One Million Moms has a advantages. It provides entrance to a email addresses of whomever they are perplexing to bully. That way, if we don’t determine with their call to action, it will take we reduction than a notation to send a summary of tolerance.

And that brings me to a many critical thing I’ve leaned given fasten One Million Moms—it’s about station adult and being counted. Whether we trust in God or not, if we don’t pronounce adult when groups like this are regulating a name of God to widespread intolerance, theirs is a usually voice that will be heard. And that’s accurately what they want.