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The More We Learn About CTE, The Harder It Is For Football To Stay The Same


In the absence of sure information, there are attempts to make football safer. A major push, funded by the NFL, is to design better helmets. The newest to show up on professional fields is the Vicis Zero1, a helmet with a larger surface area and a flexible outer shell that gives during a collision “like a car bumper,” Vicis CEO Dave Marver told Live Science in an email. Instead of traditional padding, the helmet’s interior is made up of a series of flexible “columns,” which can twist and buckle to absorb rotational forces. The helmet scored above all others in the NFL’s 2017 laboratory testing. It’s already being used in games by Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith, according to Business Insider, and the University of Mississippi announced in March that it would be trying out the helmets for its players as well. Vicis plans to continue refining its technology, Marver said, and the company’s engineers are using sophisticated computer modeling and new types of testing to continue to improve the helmets.  


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