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The Sex Life of a Man Who Wears a $91,500 T-Shirt


There’s also the personality of a man who wears a T-shirt that costs as much as a Porsche. When someone’s shirt costs enough to feed villages of hungry people, how much are we willing to ignore?

Does a guy who spends a small fortune on clothes go to the front of the pack over someone who dresses well, but doesn’t care if his clothes are made by JC Penney or Sears? 

We all know that men who would pay this much for any piece of clothing are one-in-a-million. But it still begs the question whether there are character flaws we are willing to overlook when someone has lots of money. Does a guy who is poor need to be better looking or have a better body to be a contender? 

There’s also the issue of men and fashion. Only a decade ago, few men would have known what a Givenchy Rottweiler Tee is, let alone pay $1,400 at Barney’s to buy one. We also used to say that a suit could make a man look powerful, but we didn’t care what brand it was.

Maybe this is starting to change. Maybe women are wanting to see their men in more than baggy jeans, cargo pants and sweats. And hopefully there’s a middle ground for men between dressing better but not obsessing about wearing pricey labels. 

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Source of price tag photo: TheAwl.com 

Paul is the author of the Guide To Getting It On.