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The Unselfish Art Of Prioritizing Yourself


1. When we feel depleted, we have nothing to give. When we fill our time with responsibilities and constantly prioritize the needs of others over our own, we often drain ourselves of energy and desire. We’ve all experienced the difference between giving from a feeling of having something to offer, for example happily getting our kids ready, helping a colleague at work, cooking a meal for our partner, doing a favor for a friend, and making ourselves do these same activities because we “should.” The tasks remain the same, but our attitude shifts largely based on our attitude toward ourselves. If we are kind to ourselves and considerate of our own needs, we are more likely to show up fully for the people to whom we extend ourselves. Otherwise, we may be going through the motions but not engaging in a way in which everyone benefits – i.e. our kids feel nurtured, our job feels rewarding, our partner feels seen, and our friend feels cared about.


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