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Turns Out This Common Beauty Product Can Double As Shaving Cream


Out of conditioner? Try this DIY hair moisturizer!

But all this talk got us thinking: Would any old conditioner double as a shave cream? Yes, says cosmetic chemist Ginger King, who told us that she also uses conditioner to shave. “Conditioners are cationic which can coat the hair and give a smoother shave and leave legs soft,” she explains. In case you’re fuzzy on your 10th grade chemistry: Conditioner is positively charged, making it attracted to hair (which is negatively charged), and thus able to coat the strands—whether it’s on your head or your legs. (Post-shave, don’t forget to moisturize with this organic body balm from the Women’s Health Boutique!)

The verdict? When I tried it this morning before work, I’ll admit, it made shaving a cinch. The razor glided over my legs and make the getting the tough parts (ankles and knees) substantially easier than using a bar soap. If it would have been a blind test, I would never have known this was conditioner with a side hustle.


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