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Victoria’s Secret Rejects ‘Survivor’ Bra


Susan Donaldson James

By Susan Donaldson James

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Allana Maiden wanted her mom to feel pleasing again after she’d undergone  a radical mastectomy. But Victoria’s Secret, a association she hoped would pattern voluptuous slip for women who’ve  had breast cancer surgery, has deserted her interest for a “survivor line” of bras.

The Richmond, Va., 28-year-old was 6 years aged when her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and had her surgery. But she was always wakeful of her mother’s onslaught to feel good about herself — and to find a bra that not usually fit though was pretty priced.

Maiden was quite unhappy in Victoria’s Secret’s preference after singer Angelina Jolie announced that she’d had a surety mastectomy after training she had a BRCA  gene, that predisposes a lady to breast cancer.

“She put a news out there that we can still be appealing after carrying breast cancer and mastectomy,” Maiden pronounced of Jolie. “But a pleasing bra would have been a good thing to have, and now these bras are really limited.

“My mom and we have always pronounced how many we conclude Victoria’s Secret investigate efforts,”  said Maiden, who works during an animal shelter. “But cancer investigate doesn’t assistance survivors feel pleasing after a conflict is over — mastectomy bras do.  This is a association that prides itself in creation that helps women feel beautiful. we don’t cruise cancer survivors like my mom should be a difference to a rule.”

A deputy from Victoria’s Secret called Maiden dual weeks ago to tell her that a association would not be formulating a new line of “survivor” bras.

“Through a research, we have schooled that wise and offered mastectomy bras … in a right approach … a approach that is profitable to women is difficult and truly a science,” pronounced Victoria’s Secret Tammy Roberts Myers in a prepared matter today.  ”As a result, we trust that a best approach for us to make an impact for a business is to continue appropriation cancer research.

“I was disappointed, obviously,” Maiden told ABCNews.com. “I know her decision, that there is a scholarship that goes [with these] bras, and it’s some-more difficult than a unchanging bra would be. But we felt that if anyone could do it, they could. They have all in place.”

According to the Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure, breast cancer is a many common cancer in women, and it estimates that some-more than 1.6 million new cases occurred among women worldwide in 2010.

Maiden’s mother, 57-year-old Debbie Barrett, works in a admissions bureau during Virginia Highlands Community College. She was 36 when she found a pile during a self-examination and shortly schooled it was malignant.

Barrett wears a prosthetic since during a time of her mastectomy, word did not cover a cost of breast reconstruction. Because she lives in a farming partial of Virginia, she has to expostulate 1½ hours to find a store that sells bras that reason prosthetic breasts.

“It’s a outrageous ordeal,” her daughter told ABCNews.com progressing this year after she filed a petition on change.org, seeking Victoria’s Secret to cruise her offer for a “survivor” line of bras. To date, a petition has garnered 120,000 signatures.

The bras that  Barrett wears have small pockets to reason a prosthetic breasts.  They can be bought online, though it’s tough to get a good fit but being totalled in person, contend both mom and daughter.

Maiden and Barrett met with Victoria’s Secret member twice — once when they delivered petition signatures to a company’s New York bureau and again when they were flown by a primogenitor association to Columbus, Ohio, to accommodate with additional group members and cancer researchers.

Victoria’s Secret primogenitor company, Limited Brands, has donated some-more than $1.6 million to a Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and a American Cancer Society to account breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment. Additionally, in a past dual years, it has lifted scarcely $10 million for cancer investigate during a Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, according to a company.

Limited Brands just participated in a internal Komen Race for a Cure with a largest group in a world.








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