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5 Things ‘Dr. Miami’ Says He Wishes Patients Knew About Plastic Surgery


Texting and driving is a no, no—but plastic surgery and Snapchat? The latter is a must for Dr. Miami. The celeb plastic surgeon Michael Salzhauer, M.D., has a nickname, and TV show that allude to his South Florida residence, but that’s not the full story. Board-certified Salzhauer is known for sharing his operations and outrageous personality on social media.

The doc’s patients, a.k.a. “beauty warriors,” request all kinds of procedures: tummy tucks, breast augmentations, nose jobs, and more. These OR happenings (and others) are documented and distributed to the masses in an instant. After gaining popularity for his alternative marketing ploys, Salzhauer, also known as the “the booty whisperer,” landed a WETV show. Now, the social media adverse, and those who aren’t getting enough of his antics via phone apps, can watch him on the small screen, too. When we candidly talked to the surgeon about patients and being a perfectionist, it was no surprise Dr. Miami had #nofilter.

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