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Daily Deal: Poop Better With a Squatty Potty


You, too, can reach a level of ecstasy over complete elimination. And at a discount. On Amazon, you can get the Squatty Potty for $17.50—down from $25.

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Here’s how the Squatty Potty works: It wraps around the base of your toilet, giving you a platform upon which you can elevate your feet so you’re essentially squatting. Squatting helps relax your puborectalis muscle, making it easier to defecate. The company claims the Squatty Potty can also improve colon health and reduce hemorrhoids, constipation, and bloating.

Our writer consulted with an expert, and while he didn’t come away convinced the Squatty Potty was the key to lasting colon health, once he got the hang of the positioning, his time on the throne went from meh to magnificent.

The article Daily Deal: Poop Better With a Squatty Potty originally appeared on Men’s Health.


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