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This Is How To Tell If Your Blackberries Are Actually Ripe


Blackberries are awesome enjoyed on their own. “Blackberries are wonderfully sweet, not too tart, incredibly juicy, and amazingly aromatic,” says Dillard. “In other words, perfect.” Once you’re ready to bite into your blackberries, let them warm up a bit, which will help enhance their natural flavors. You can also take them straight out of the freezer and toss into pancakes, muffins or smoothies, says Wechsler. “You might also enjoy eating them half frozen.”

Blackberries are also well suited to some great cocktail and kitchen creations. First, there are the classics. “Blackberries have a huge nostalgia quotient,” says Wechsler. “Everybody thinks of their grandmother’s blackberry cobbler or pie. The flavors really come out when they’re cooked like that.” You can also get creative. Muddle them for a sweet blackberry mojito or add them to a salad for an alternative summery topper. Wechsler says they also make a killer sweet-meets-savory sauce for your summer grilling recipes. Blackberry glazed beef? Yes, please.


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