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Instagram has been flooded with over 7,000 armpit tatttoos

  • Instagram has been flooded with more than 7,000 armpit tattoo photos 
  • The designs range from simple flowers to more colourful graphic tattoos 
  • Many who have had the inking done describe it as a ‘very painful’ experience 

Martha Cliff for MailOnline



Earlier this year the trend for helix tattoos surged as Instagram users shared snaps of their delicate ear inkings.

However, it seems that they are a bit old hat when it comes to body art with armpit tattoos proving popular on social media.

In a bold new trend brave ink fans are going under the needle to have their underarms covered in elaborate designs.

The latest inking trend is seeing body art fans having their armpits tattooed with elaborate designs, including this dot work compass

Under the hashtag #armpittattoo people have shared their impressive body art, with Instagram flooded with over 7,000 designs.

The inkings range from delicate flowers as a statement solo tattoo to colourful graphic illustrations contributing to a cluster of other tattoos.

And while the subjects of the photos are clearly pleased with the result they admit that the process wasn’t exactly relaxing.

One woman who had a burnt orange flower design captioned her photo: ‘Oh oh ohhhh so much pain, but worth it!’ 

The trend has seen over 7,000 submissions on Instagram with people using the hashtag #armpittattoos 

The designs range from simple floral line drawings to elaborate graphic silhouettes 

This optical illusion tattoo appears to make the man’s skin twist and contort using clever shading

This woman opted for a larger tribal design featuring feathers and a lower jaw that extends down past the armpit 

This simple floral design should remain obscured from view until the woman lifts her arm 

And another tattoo artist described her client as ‘super brave’ after having a dot work compass added to her underarm. 

Herpits, a blog that focuses on the beauty and health of female armpits, warns that getting an inking here can be an unpleasant experience.

She explains: ‘When you tattoo your armpit you will directly smell your blood, because it’s pretty close to your nose.’ 

Sharing a woman’s experience of getting an pit tattooed she quotes her: ‘It was real torture. My armpit skin was raw in nothing but pain. Seconds after seconds it got worse’.

This man’s graphic design is just another tattoo to add to his expansive body art 

This more simplistic inking sees the flower extend from the rib cage up onto the arm  

Many of those who have had an armpit tattoo done remark that it is an extremely painful experience 

With the inking so close to the client’s face, it has been said that those having their armpits tattooed will be able to smell the blood from the needle


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