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Intradermal LMW-HA injection reduces lengthened facial pores


(HealthDay)—Intradermal injection of low molecular weight hyaluronic poison (LMW-HA) can significantly urge skin texture, revoke pore size, and raise skin radiance, according to a investigate published online Aug. 8 in a Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.

Wei Qian, M.D., from Capital Medical University in Beijing, and colleagues injected 42 patients with intradermal LMW-HA for a diagnosis of lengthened facial pores. Each diagnosis consisted of 2.5 mL (25 mg) of LMW-HA injected into a full face and steady dual to 5 times with 1.0 to 1.5 months between uninterrupted treatments. Follow-up ranged from one to 6 months.

The researchers celebrated a poignant disproportion in a coming of lengthened facial pores (P

“This injection technique is significantly effective during improving skin glow and shortening skin pigmentation,” a authors write. “The injection technique was simple, safe, and effective and could simply be extended to clinical practice.”

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