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?Meet Your 2017 Next Fitness Star Finalists!


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Angela Gargano, 27, Cranston, RI

“I’ll never forget being done fun of in facile propagandize for my ‘big male arms’…Now? Those arms are one of my favorite physique tools because of how clever they are.”

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Lana Titus, 35, Los Angeles

“I wish to be a best purpose indication we can be for my daughters. And that starts with being a healthiest you—mentally and physically.”

Denise Harris, 49, Brooklyn

“Fitness has taught me that there’s no top on what we are able of—unless we put it there.”

Darcey Wion, 30, Columbus, OH

“I fought tough to get healthy, though we had to learn to be studious with my body…I entirely trust that if we can tarry a onslaught in a gym, you’ll be stronger outward of it too.”

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Betina Gozo, 30, Portland, OR

“I never feel some-more alive than we do after a tough workout.”

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Along with your vote, we’ve enlisted a row of experts to assistance us confirm who should be a Next Fitness Star. In a suggestion of removing to know them, what improved doubt to ask than “What’s your practice why?”

Hilaria Baldwin

Yoga instructor, author of The Living Clearly Method

“We are done to move. we never feel so alive and benefaction as we do when we have entirely exercised my body. And a purpose of life is to live it to a fullest, no? Otherwise what are we doing here? we don’t wish to rubbish a moment.”

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Emily Skye

F.I.T. module founder, WH cover star

“Exercising creates me feel strong, capable, and motivated—like we can grasp anything we set my mind to. we feel some-more positive, have a clearer mind, and have some-more appetite for embracing all life has to offer.”

Debbie Matenopolous

Cohost of The Insider

“I practice so we can live a prolonged and healthy life. Not usually does practice strengthen a bodies and keep us in shape, though it’s also been documented how most it can urge a mental and romantic well-being.”

Jen Ator, C.S.C.S.

WH aptness director, Kona Ironman finisher

“For me, workouts are about building resiliency—physically, though some-more so mentally. Training helps learn my body, and mind, that no matter what I’m going through, we can always find a approach to keep relocating forward.”


Only one can win. Go to WomensHealthMag.com/NextFitnessStar to watch videos of a contestants and support your favorite between Jun 20 and Aug 4.