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New Data Shows Low Risk Nicotine Product Snus Is 95% Safer Than Smoking


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Published: Jun 16, 2017.
Released by Knowledge Action Change  

EMBARGOED UNTIL [09.00 GMT Friday 16th Jun 2017, Warsaw, Poland] New information research presented now during a annual Global Forum on Nicotone (GFN) assembly demonstrates a intensity of a low risk tobacco product snus in shortening a impact of tobacco associated illness and genocide in Europe.

The latest evidence, presented by Peter Lee, epidemiologist and medical statistician, indicates that snus is during slightest 95% safer than smoking. Analysis by Lars Ramström, snus researcher in Sweden, shows that if snus were done accessible in Europe – where it is now criminialized with a difference of Sweden – and identical use levels to Sweden were adopted, adult to 320,000 beforehand deaths could be avoided among organisation each year.

Snus, a smokeless powdered tobacco, is some-more renouned than smoking in Sweden. Its accessibility has led to a rebate in smoking and smoking associated diseases with a 2017 EC EuroBarometer consult display usually 5% of Swedes being daily smokers compared with a European normal of 24%. Correspondingly, Swedish organisation have Europe’s lowest turn of tobacco-related mortality, 152 per 100,000 compared with a European normal of 373 per 100,000.

While 46% of deaths due to smoking outcome from respiratory diseases such as lung cancer, ongoing opposed pulmonary illness and pneumonia, there is no justification that risk of these diseases is augmenting by regulating snus. Nor does snus seem to boost a risk of other smoking associated diseases including heart disease, cadence and a operation of cancers.

In addition, a open health advantages of snus vs. cigarettes are not usually most lower, though a purpose of snus in both shortening arising of smoking and augmenting relinquishment of smoking is a pivotal component in defeating a tangible means of tobacco-related ill-health caused by a cigarette.

Current European legislation does not concede snus to be marketed in any European nation solely Sweden. However, due to clever justification behind a potentially life saving benefits, The New Nicotine Alliance (NNA), a UK consumer organisation ancillary entrance to safer nicotine products, is job for a legalization and has assimilated authorised movement box opposite a banning of snus, that has now been referred to a European Courts of Justice.

Gerry Stimson, Chair of a NNA stated, ‘Snus is a tobacco product that has consistently been proven to be reduction damaging to health than cigarettes. The anathema on snus boundary smokers choices of safer alternatives and has a poignant disastrous impact on open health’.

In a fourth year, a Global Forum on Nicotine is a usually general discussion to concentration on a purpose of safer nicotine products that might assistance people switch from smoking. The thesis of this year’s assembly ‘Reducing Harm, Saving Lives’ is focused on examining a purpose of safer nicotine products in shortening a tellurian health weight of smoking.

The tobacco widespread is one of a biggest open health threats, murdering some-more than 7 million people a year.ii There are now 1 billion smokers worldwide, with scarcely 80% of them vital in low and center income countries, where a weight of tobacco-related illness is greatest.

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