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Survey Says Women Prefer This Type Of Male Physique–Do You Agree?


Planet Fitness, that strongly promotes physique acceptance, systematic a consult so their members would know they wouldn’t be judged while operative out, Jessica Correa, comparison clamp boss of selling during a gym, explained.

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“So on Father’s Day this year, we suspicion it would be fun to demeanour during how group and women – relatives or not – feel about a father bod,” she said. “Our consult formula uncover a infancy of people consider definitely about father bods, and group who brand as carrying them are unapproachable of who they are. That’s accurately how we wish all of a members to feel when they come to Planet Fitness.”

Watch this video to learn all we never knew about a masculine anatomy:

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In further to anticipating that a surveyed women are captivated to a father bod, a formula also suggested that 78% of women found that those group are assured in their possess skin. Other formula from a consult enclosed that roughly half a women feel like father bods are a “new six-pack” and 83% of mothers would be unapproachable to have a father with a father bod.

The essay This Is The Physique Women Prefer Men To Have creatively seemed on Men’s Health.