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The $6 Product That Keeps Gwen Stefani’s Hair Hydrated Despite WEEKLY Dye Sessions


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Dixon’s tip weapon? Pantene Smoothing Combing Creme ($6, walgreens.com). “I obscurity it onto clean, dry hair to start, afterwards we put in my volumizers, and maybe mousse, depending on a hair,” he says. “I dry them in with a mixed-bristle brush, always floating in a instruction of my style.” he said. Plus, this sold leave-in conditioner can be used regularly but messing adult hair. “You can reapply it over and over on set and it doesn’t get greasy,” he said.

Here’s to removing super soft, shiny, and flayaway-free hair—even if you’re not appearing on TV tonight. You can seize a leave-in combing creme during Walgreens.